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Albany NY Office Building Goes Virtual To Support Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Albany, New York (September 14, 2010)

Albany NY Office Building Goes Virtual To Support Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups and Home Based Businesses

In a bad economy, many frustrated unemployed or under-employed professionals become entrepreneurs and start their own business.

Virtual Offices Financially Attractive to Small Business

In a financial climate where it is difficult for a small businesses to get funding, or get business loans, entrepreneurs are having to boot-strap their small business, home-based business, start-up or new venture. This often means that signing a lease for a couple of years for space they may not yet be able to utilize can be cost prohibitive.

Virtual Offices offer a cost-effective solution to home-based businesses, start-ups and those who only require a physical work or meeting space part time.

Established Office Building in Albany NY Offers Virtual Offices To Keep Up With The Times

One building in Albany NY has decided to meet this growing need by introducing Virtual Offices to enable businesses to take advantage of a great location, low “rent” and the amenities needed to establish a working address for their business.

251 New Karner has been around for some time. In fact, in it’s history, it was a Business Center that offered Executive Suites with a similar concept.

Amidst today’s technologies, it is easier than ever for small businesses to establish portable phone, internet and other resources from a home office. But, nothing can replace having a physical office, especially for the home based business or start-up that is conducting meetings in their living room, dining room, den or basement.Virtual Offices create the illusion and opportunity for a business to establish a professional presence, without breaking the bank.

Businesses ready to establish a physical work space, but not yet ready for a dedicated office lease can share an office with another entrepreneur for a fraction of the cost of a full office lease.

Virtual Offices Invaluable to Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

Virtual Offices offer the benefits of a dedicated office without the long-term commitment or expense. 251 New Karner will be offering a variety of Virtual Office packages, as well as meeting room rentals, training/classroom rental available for Virtual Tenants to reserve online.

251 New Karner expects to make their Virtual Office Packages available for rental in October 2010.

New NY Virtual Offices in Capital City

Albany, New York (September 13, 2010)

Albany Office Building To Go Virtual

Plans are underway for one of New York’s Capital City’s most popular commercial buildings to add virtual offices, conference room, training and classroom space to businesses.

After housing many small businesses and corporate field offices for national corporations over the years, 251 New Karner Road is adding a variety of Virtual Offices for Rent to those who do not require a dedicated physical office.

Virtual Offices are popular throughout the United States, offering start-ups, home based businesses, consultants, sales, marketing and corporations in need of a physical presence a flexible, affordable alternative to leasing a dedicated physical office.

251 New Karner will offer a variety of Virtual Office Packages, dedicated mail box, mail forwarding, secure internet access, shared office work space and access to the building’s conference and training rooms.

Renting a Virtual Office at 251 New Karner will be affordable enough for any business with a modest budget, or minimal need to acquire a physical address in the State of New York.

Albany New York’s newest Virtual Office facility will be available for rentals in October, 2010.

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